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The CCW are dedicated to perusing every avenue when it comes to protecting and defending wildlife. Our experts and volunteers play an active role everyday in bettering the lives of wildlife in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas. Below are a list of active campaigns we have, and a explanation of why each one is important to the welfare of wildlife.


Hare coursing

Since the Hunting Act of 2004 hunting any mammal with hounds has been illegal. However as many of us that live in the countryside will know, hare coursing is still a rampant issue.

Hare coursers continue to operate illegally, trespassing usually on agricultural land. Due to the location of many of these offences police are often unable to effectively catch suspects for prosecution.

In addition to this, due to the wording of the Hunting Act (2004) police are often unable to use it as there is a tremendous burden of proof for the CPS, unlike any other crime in the UK, because of this, the police are forced to resort to ancient laws that carry lesser fines, often less than hare coursers make from illegal betting that takes place.

We're politically campaigning to strengthen the Hunting Act and increase the penalties for carrying out these illegal activities.

As well as this we're putting together an pro-active team out in the field to monitor, intervene with and deter these crimes.



As long ago as the 1920's with the founding of the league against cruel sports, hunting with dogs began to come under eye of public scrutiny, for its cruelty to the hunted animal, known as 'quarry' when captured and the process the hunts have to go through in order to chase them.

Since the Hunting Act of 2004 hunting with dogs has been largely banned in the UK with minimal exceptions. Despite this hunts have continued under legal trail hunting exemptions, however since 2004 a lot of evidence has pointed toward hunts ignoring the legislation and hunting foxes anyway, this would be quite easy to do due to the hunts taking place deep within the countryside, away from public roads.

Multiple organisations such as the HSA and the League Against Cruel Sports have been investigating these hunts and their actives, and even intervening, prevent animals from being hunted.

The CCW intends to further these investigations with our experts and resources and provide emergency care to animals where needed.