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The Cambridge Centre for Wildlife (CCW) was founded in April of 2020 with the intention of protecting vulnerable wildlife and researching the current dangers facing them. The CCW is made up of a mix of volunteers and experts with decades of experience with wildlife and wildlife law. Our teams work closely with the police and other organisations to rescue, protect and educate the public on wildlife crime and animals facing danger.


As a new organisation, we're working with our partners and those closest to wildlife to decide how best we can help wildlife in need. Currently, we're researching the effects of hare coursing on countryside communities, while still using our skills to help wildlife as the need arises.

In addition to research we're also engaging with well established groups and offering our expertise and resources where we can, because of this you may see members of the CCW out and about investigating, monitoring and, where necessary, intervening with incidents that require us. These members are our Wildlife Protection Officers, some of which are volunteers. Feel free to say hello!

We are in the very early stages of figuring out how best we can help wildlife in the UK. Our research is vital to making sure we have the maximum effect possible; you can take part in our current surveys